Ottawa, Canada
Nafas is a Culinary Retreat in a calming space to discover and experience the pleasures of Lebanese cuisine and culture, at the Ottawa river, Canada.
Nafas in Arabic said for who can whip up a spectacular meal then he has a delicious nafas.
At the picturesque O’Bordeleau bed and breakfast, Lebanese chef Rawan Al Wadaa will host and help you discover your nafas in the kitchen by showing you how to cook like a Lebanese mama by trusting your senses and applying traditional techniques as you prepare a variety of Lebanese dishes that will satisfy your appetite and delight your taste buds. You will get to relax by the fireplace, savour time and learn about the beautiful culture of the Levant while nestled in nature on the shores of the Ottawa river.​​​​​​​

The great challenge of the brand was to give the impression of Arab culture to a non-Arab audience through the logo, so I worked on the design of the letter ن in Arabic which is the letter N for Nafas in a simple and unique way, at the same time, I made the letter in a spiral shape like the movement of cooking.

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